Danger Islands

Welcome to Danger Islands

Danger Islands is a blockchain-based game where players compete against other players, form alliances with player tribes, and win xBMF, ingame items and NFTs. The Danger Islands game runs on the Ethereum Blockchain, with most of the game logic implemented on-chain, in smart contracts.
By holding Land NFTs, Skull Cave NFTs and Pirate NFTs, the user can engage in battle for in-game prizes. All NFTs in the game will be tradable on OpenSea and other secondary markets.
The Danger Islands game uses the xBMF token as in-game currency. The xBMF token can be earned in-game or purchased on SushiSwap. Danger Islands also uses Gems, Totems and Ghosts for purchasing certain powers. Gems, Totems and Ghosts are not tradable, ensuring that no-one can simply pay to win.
Danger Islands offer an exciting journey for the pirate player, as she battles other pirate tribes, farms her land, acquires more resources and tokens, and activates her magic totems to bring mayhem to other tribes, while striving to win a Location on the Pirate Map.