Danger Islands

The xBMF token

The xBMF token is the currency of the Danger Islands game.
xBMF is an ERC-20 token implemented on the Ethereum Blockchain.
xBMF will be earned in-game by farming land, waging battle, and from collections taxes and winning prizes from prize pools. To encourage users to keep their xBMF in the game, there will be a tax to withdraw xBMF out of the game. Those tax proceeds go to the prize pools and pirate bosses.
Some NFTs in Danger Islands can be purchased only with xBMF:
+ Minting of Land
+ Minting of Skull Caves
+ Minting of Monsters
In addition to earning xBMF in-game, the xBMF token can also be purchased on SushiSwap. Instructions on how to buy xBMF can be found here: https://www.lazerdefi.io/buy