Danger Islands

Pirate Tribes

Each Pirate NFT belongs to a tribe

List of Tribes

Pirate Humans
Pirate Aliens
Pirate Robots
Pirate Zombies
Pirate Apes

Tribe Battle Mechanics

Users can improve their chances of winning a battle by owning more pirates in a tribe. When entering battle, each additional pirate held in the same tribe as the pirate entering battle, increases the chance of winning.
Player can chose, for a Tribe for which he holds an NFT, which tribe that tribe will target in Battle by using a Magic Totem. That is, a Magic Totem can be used to make decisions for the whole tribe. This decision can be changed by using another Magic Totem, etc, up until the battle starts.
Tribes that win over other tribes extract a tax from the losing tribes accumulated gains, in addition to the prizes in the prize pool.