Danger Islands

Tribe vs Tribe


To participate in the winnings from a Tribe Battle, you need to have Pirate NFT and/or Monster NFTs staked:
Stake your pirates here: https://www.dangerislands.com/piratestake
Stake your monsters here: https://www.dangerislands.com/monsterstake
You can mint monster and pirates for xBMF here: https://www.dangerislands.com/marketplace
Or buy them on Secondary here: https://opensea.io/collection/danger-islands


Access the battle here:
During the Battle, which will last 7 days, there will be Attacks.
Attack will happen now and them, when you least expect it, and means all Tribes attack their target Tribe, as seen in the Target Tribe list.
Using a pseudorandom on-chain code, the winner is chosen from every pair, and gets a ‘Win’ added to their Attack Win count.


Player who have Gems, Totems and Skull from previous Battles can take actions during a Battle. Actions are transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.


If you own a Totem, you can use it to change which Tribe a Tribe will attack.


If you own a Gem, you can use it to boost your payout multiple of xBMF with 1+ (so hypothetically if you boost twice, you would get 3 * base payout)


If you own a Ghost, you can use it to plunder a Win from another tribe. Only works if the tribe has 1 or more wins.


Actions and clashes are recorded as events on-chain and can be viewed in the events list.


At the end of the Battle, the claim button will appear and you will be able to claim your xBMF.
xBMF winnings are calculated based on how many pirates you have staked times that tribes wins, plus staked monsters, times your booster.
Everyone who has a pirate in the #1 winning tribe on the leaderboard will be given a Totem and a Gem.